Face Mask and Things You Should Know About It

The craze of face masks is growing in popularity and they are definitely a requirement for your daily skin care routine. Getting the right mask is not only an indulgent treat, but it is even capable of tackling skin concerns and conditions, from dehydration and dryness to acne and large pores. 

This article has information that will help you understand – different types of masks, the right way to use them, and how to choose the right one based on your age and complexion. Different sorts of masks like Detan mask, 保濕面膜 [English Meaning = moisturizing mask], and many more.

Benefits of using face mask: things you did not know about the mask:

Just like moisturizers and serums, a face mask is also important for perfect skin care. It provides highly concentrated actives, nutrients, and vitamins to the skin that improves the skin’s overall health. The face mask is occlusive and builds a physical barrier that locks up all the beneficial ingredients that allow the skin to efficiently absorb.

Face masks can be used intermittently to get your skin a quick boost. It all depends on what is required by your skin, there are masks that can do one or a combination of things as given below:

  • Moisturizes and hydrates dry skin
  • Refines pores.
  • Improves the texture of the skin.
  • Absorbs dirt and excess oil. 
  • Fix the clogged pores.
  • Reduces the wrinkles and fine lines appearance. 
  • Improves elasticity.
  • Improves the breakouts look.
  • Brightens the dark spots. 

Here is a quick list of face masks available on the market:

Types of face masks for your concerns and skin type:

Cream mask: works on aging, dry, and dehydrated skin. They add nutrients and moisture back to the skin. Maintains young and plumpy skin.

Gel mask: the best choice if you have oily to normal skin, it has a light texture with the consistency of jelly and jam. Using it will help you to minimize oil and tighten the 毛孔粗大 [English Meaning = enlarged pores]

Clay mask: treats skin conditions like acne. It can be used as a spot treatment. They have exfoliating and absorbent properties of astringent.

Exfoliating mask: they are formulated for the removal of dead skin and enhances the natural turnover process. They come in the form of finely ground particles or chemical peels.

Warming mask: Makes the skin feel warm with the active spices present in them causing a sensation of tingling. There are chances that the skin turns bright red. This mask increases the flow of blood and invigorates complexions. 

If you want to start using a mask, make sure that you choose the right one according to your skin type. It is possible that you have a 敏感肌 [English Meaning = sensitive skin] so before you start using the mask get a consultation done with a professional doctor. 

Different types of face masks available on the market can be duplicated as well. Buy a well branded mask so that you do not have any kind of allergic reactions to it. 


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