How to find the right homeopathic doctor for diabetes?

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What Is Homeopathy?


The medical practice of homeopathy, often known as homeopathic medicine, originated in Germany. Instead of only treating the issue or the symptom, it attempts to treat the person as a whole. 


When we talk about homeopathy particularly in the case of diabetes, it has shown some positive effects. 


There are two primary tenets around which this medical system is built. That “like cures like” is the first. This is the notion that you can treat an illness using a natural chemical that, when taken by a healthy individual, induces the symptoms of that sickness. The “rule of least dose” is the second. In order to provide you with the smallest dose feasible, homeopathic treatments are watered down (diluted). Sometimes the treatment is so diluted that the original chemical may not even be detectable. You can find one of the best homeopathic doctors in Bangalore that help you and diagnose you in the best and the most efficient way possible.


Homeopathic doctors claim that all of their medications are natural. The components are derived from either plants, minerals, or animals. Ointments, lotions, drops, tablets, and sugar pellets are among the treatment options. Every person receives a different treatment plan; there are no universal rules. Different patients with the same disease may still receive different treatments and dilutions from a homeopathic doctor.


About Diabetes:


Diabetes is a widespread condition that affects people all over the world. It is a metabolic condition that is recognised by a rise in a person’s blood sugar level. Because high blood sugar levels have an impact on how well your body’s organs work, diabetes management is crucial. Your eyes, heart, liver, feet, and kidneys may be impacted by diabetes. Diabetes can also result in problems including insomnia, stress, drowsiness, changing blood pressure, and other things.


Diabetes is brought on by the body not producing enough or any insulin. The main method for treating diabetes include changing one’s lifestyle and taking medication (allopathic, homeopathic, or herbal).


Homeopathy and diabetes:


Homeopathy is a complementary form of medicine. When treating a diabetic patient, homeopathy’s primary goal is to improve a person’s general health. This is due to the fact that diabetes affects other body systems and organs in addition to the bloodstream. The following are typical signs and symptoms of someone with diabetes:

– hunger

– fatigue

– increased thirst

– urination,

– mouth dryness

– skin rashes

– hazy vision


In essence, homeopathy employs natural ingredients to treat diabetes symptoms. The idea behind it is “like cures like.” So, minerals, plants, or animals are used to create homeopathic medications.


Here are some examples of typical homeopathic treatments for Diabetes:


– Syzygium jambolanum, also known as black plum: This herb is used to cure excessive thirst, weakness, skin ulcers, and excessive urine in homeopathy.


– Uranium nitricum: This substance is used to relieve nausea and the issue of excessive urination.


– Conium (hemlock): Numbness in the hands and feet is treated with this herbaceous flowering plant.


– Calendula (marigold): This aromatic plant’s blossom is used in the production of pharmaceuticals. This plant’s supplements are used to cure inflamed ulcers.


Since natural ingredients make up the majority of homeopathic treatments, negative effects are extremely uncommon. Using homeopathic medications carries a negligible risk of an allergic reaction. People occasionally stop taking their allopathic medications to check if their homeopathic treatments are effective, which might lead to major consequences. So, if you wish to try homeopathy, don’t stop taking any medications that your doctor has given.


Work of Homeopathy in Diabetes Treatment


A sickness, in the view of homeopathy, is a reflection of a disturbance of the vital force. This force controls the interior energy of your body, which sustains and guides life. It permits the bodies to self-heal by adapting to environmental changes. Therefore, severe abnormalities in the vital force’s flow are what lead to the disease or illness’ symptoms. Diabetes is brought on by issues including weakened immunity or genetic causes. A comprehensive strategy for therapy is required.


Homeopathic treatments are all-natural because they are made from minerals, plants, and animal extracts. The homeopathic principle states that a substance retains the majority of its medicinal potency when it is diluted. Therefore, following dilution, doctors suggest the majority of homeopathic medications to diabetic patients. The natural ingredient used in homeopathic treatments is diluted until only a very small amount remains of the original natural ingredient. 


The Following Are Steps For Homeopathic Sugar Remedy


Eat nothing for at least 30 to 60 minutes before and after using homeopathic medicine for diabetes if you are taking homeopathic treatments.

Keep flavors like those from mouthwash, breath mints, beverages, foods, etc. out of your mouth. 

While undergoing diabetes reversal, you are still allowed to take your homeopathic medications, and all the precautions, such as abstaining from food for two hours before and after a dose, are taken into account while creating a customized diet and exercise regimen for you.

Avoid taking pharmaceuticals during your period: Many homeopathic medications are inappropriate for women to take during their period. Ask your doctor whether taking homeopathic diabetic treatments during your period is safe before you start taking them.

Why Icareheal?

The primary objective of healthcare is to facilitate healing whereas we often associate it with cure. Healing encompasses every possible step where an interaction happens tangible or intangible between the seeker and the giver. A clinician heals when he assures a patient that a symptom does not signal a feared health condition. A clinician heals when a patient is able to book appointments with ease. Each unique instance of healing represents a physical and emotional journey through difficulty and towards cure. All patients need healing and when clinicians will actively foster it, they will renew their relationships too.


The name icareheal signifies this healing journey through care and ‘i’ meaning self and technology both.


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