Koreans Are Very Particular About Their Looks

South Koreans mostly indulge themselves in beautifying themselves, whether it is through make-up or skincare or it can be surgery as well. Korean-style double eyelid for men is the most common surgery in South Korea. It is referred to as the most popular one. As their eyes are not expressive, they do this surgery to make them more appealing. Through this surgery, their eyes will look bold enough and bigger to look perfect.

To do this surgery, the patients need not get admitted to the hospital as it is done in a quick process of 30 mins. Local anesthesia is required to do the stitches, which will be removed after 3 to 5 days. In this surgery, the doctors remove extra fat, muscle, and skin to have an enduring and prominent eyelid crease. The looks of the eyelids seem permanent after this surgery. This surgery is for those with saggy eyes with excess fat. The doctors do it so efficiently that it doesn’t leave scar marks on their eyelids.

Korean style double eyelid for men (ตา สอง ชั้น ผู้ชาย เกาหลี, which is the term in Thai) can be done by most of the celebrities as well to look attractive. Their eyes are not appealing enough to gather the audience, so they do the surgery in such a manner that they look beautiful.

Not only eyelids, but they also go for eyebrow lifting surgery. Some have drooping eyebrows that look sad, so they do surgery to lift them up. If eyelids and eyebrows are not equal, they will look weird.

The best place for eyebrows lifting surgery (ยก คิ้ว ที่ไหน ดี, term in Thai) is a renowned hospital where there are specialists to do this surgery. Doctors must be skilled enough for these surgeries. If they are not efficient or give proper medication, it may result in irritation, rashes, or pain. It may end up badly as parts around the eyes are too delicate. So everything must be sterilized to proceed with it.

After surgery, care is essential as no eyebrow exercises for a couple of weeks, avoid eating a few seafoods as it may result in allergic reactions, and don’t squeeze pillows on that surgery area for a couple of nights.

So many can claim that they are the best place for eyebrows lifting surgery, but you must explore or consult a few doctors or take guidance from someone who is the best who can get you this impressive look.


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