What are the essential checkups that are necessary when you go to a dentist?

For the purpose of maintaining healthy teeth and gums, routine dental exams are crucial. Although the American Dental Association advises visiting the dentist at least once a year, scheduling a visit every six months can help you avoid a number of oral health issues.

Modern dentistry places a strong emphasis on prevention. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as by urging patients to brush and floss their teeth, eat a healthy diet, use fluoridated toothpaste, use mouthwashes, etc. In the dental office, prevention typically takes the form of a twice-yearly examination and dental prophylaxis, also known as “The Check Up” or a “Six Month Recall,” which involves professional cleaning of your teeth.

The essential elements of every six-month visit to the local dentist cedar rapids include:

  • Updating and reviewing your dental and medical records
  • A blood pressure check
  • Oral cancer examination
  • Examination of the teeth and gums to look for infections or cavities.
  • Digital x-rays are the gold standard for radiographic exams. The patient is not at risk of health from routine x-rays. Science and research have proven this.
  • Specialized exams for patients who have implants, dentures, night guards, retainers, or Invisalign.
  • Oral prophylaxis entails a professional cleaning of your entire mouth, followed by teeth polishing and advice on maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • The dentist will review all the findings and x-rays, make any necessary diagnoses, and offer recommendations for treatment during the appointment.


We hope now it’s clear what are the things that a dentist check for when you go for a scheduled appointment. Always remember that prevention is better than cure! To find out more about a biannual exam and how it can improve your smile, call our Horton Family Dental office. Make an appointment with your local dentist cedar rapids right away!