Why The Soberlink Device Is More Convenient Than The Others?


Anyone convicted of an alcohol-related offence in Michigan is frequently ordered by the courts to abstain from drinking. A person who has been suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol before a conviction is also usual practice. The courts utilize a variety of methods to identify alcohol intake in order to implement these restraining orders. How Soberlink works and why it’s better than Scram will be explained in this post.

Sometimes, courts will require defendants to take breath tests at JAMS locations or to wear SCRAM tethers that capture a sample of their perspiration about every 30 minutes in order to identify alcohol. Invasive and always on the body, the SCRAM tether isn’t the most practical alternative. Driving to a certain examination site every day is also a huge hassle.

While the ease of a Breathalyzer is combined with the freedom from having a device attached to your body with SOBERLINK, the latter enables for remote alcohol monitoring. 

What is the Soberlink’s Functionality?

  1. Breath alcohol test results are sent straight to a cloud-based website for probation department assessment using the Soberlink, which integrates breath testing technology with a mobile phone.
  2. An onboard camera captures a photo of the person during the exam to verify their identification, as well. The user is held to a higher standard of accountability because to this technology.

How often a user must be tested will be decided by the court and is subject to change?

  1. As a general rule, the user will test between two and four times a day, and he or she will receive automatic SMS reminders. This minimizes the user’s concern of missing a test, therefore reducing stress.
  2. Probation will also get automatic reports from the Soberlink website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  3. The probation department will be contacted promptly if there are any positive findings from any of the testing.

Are you interested in learning more about the Soberlink?

The consumer will have very simple time learning about Soberlink. The PBT device, which police officers hand out to vehicles on the side of the road, is very like to this one in terms of both its size and its appearance. Alternatively, you might argue it’s the same size as a regular smartphone.

  • The cost of a scram tether each day is roughly $15.00.
  • It will cost around $4.00 each test to take a virtual test.
  • Soberlink is priced at slightly fewer than ten dollars.
  • A request for the use of the Soberlink device will satisfy the court’s testing standards and provide the user with more convenience than the use of tethers or PBT.
  • Swim, bathe, and pass through metal detectors freely with the Soberlink reviews.
  • Additionally, because the Soberlink is a portable device, individuals do not have to go to another place in order to deliver a breath sample.


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