Wondering If You Need Podiatrist Insoles for Foot Pain?

Foot and ankle problems can be extremely distressing as they are not only painful, but also restrict your movement. Moreover, everybody’s feet are unique and their shape can affect foot comfort. Having flat feet or low arches forces the foot to roll inwards while walking. This also results in foot discomfort and foot pain and issues like plantar fasciitis and may require Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatment wy.

It is during these difficult times that you need extra cushioning under your foot soles with proper arch support. Podiatrist insoles or orthotic insoles serve the purpose of arch support and provide relief from foot and ankle pain. You can simply slip the insoles into your shoes for added comfort. 

Looking for a podiatrist in Irvine for foot problems

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Factory-made or custom-made orthotics?

Podiatrist insoles are available as factory-made and custom-designed options. Factory-made insoles come in standard foot sizes and are available in pharmacies without a prescription for providing cushion and comfort. They are made of gel, foam, or plastic.

Custom-made podiatrist insoles are prescribed and specially designed by a podiatrist to help with foot pain caused by medical issues like plantar fasciitis, diabetes, bursitis, and arthritis. They are designed for providing a cushion so that your body weight is distributed evenly on the foot and correct foot issues like problems with your walking, standing, or running.

A good podiatrist will decide whether factory-made orthotic insoles are sufficient for treating your foot problems. Buying insoles on your own might lead to pain and discomfort and further complications like a serious injury. Therefore, let your Irvine podiatrist prescribe you whether you need factory-made or custom-made orthotic insoles.

How Orthotics Can Help Treat a Variety of Foot Conditions : Go Feet: Podiatrists

Types of orthotic insoles.

There are two types of orthotic insoles. Rigid or functional orthotics are made of plastic or carbon fiber and are designed to provide relief to foot pains, leg and thigh pains, and lower back issues. They can be used best with walking shoes, shoes with closed toes, and low heels.

Soft or accommodative orthotics are made of soft material that provides cushion. They take off the pressure from uncomfortable spots that result due to specific conditions like plantar fasciitis or diabetic foot ulcers.

Reasons for using orthotic insoles.

Orthotic insoles reduce or remove stress and pressure from the painful areas of your foot and ankle as they bring your feet into proper alignment. The insoles change the way a person stands, walks, and also absorbs shocks from the ground while running. Therefore, consider wearing orthotic insoles if you are suffering from severe foot pain due to arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuroma, tendonitis, and capsulitis.

  • Custom orthotic insoles are highly beneficial for diabetic patients as their condition causes the poor blood circulation in the feet. 
  • People with arthritis get relief from their foot joint pain with orthotic insoles.
  • Orthotic insoles can be worn for added support and comfort while walking and running with ease.
  • Place them inside your shoes and use them every day to get maximum relief.

Getting the right orthotic insoles

Your podiatrist Irvine will check your foot problem and then suggest what kind of orthotic insole will treat your foot pain. Most foot problems need custom orthotic insoles for treating specific conditions.

They provide excellent arch support and perfect shock absorption making your every step comfortable.

  • Know what kind of shoes you will insert the insoles, whether it is athletic shoes, dress shoes, or high-heeled shoes.
  • Ready-to-wear insoles may provide temporary relief but if you have severe foot pain then do not neglect it and visit a podiatrist to avoid further complications.
  • Though custom-made insoles are expensive the excellent arch support, superior shock absorption and relief they provide are far more than you spend.

Perfectly custom-designed orthotic insoles as prescribed by your podiatrist offer support and reshape the alignment of your feet. If you are suffering from any kind of foot pain, ankle, knee, hip, or back pain, consider using custom-made orthotic insoles for maximum support and the best results.



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